Patient Information

Petaluma Family Dentistry provides the utmost in patient-centered care. Our staff is here to ensure you have an excellent dental experience. From scheduling your appointment to answering all of your billing questions, we are dedicated to your needs. We also are here to serve as a second-opinion and offer second-opinion consultations.

It is paramount that our community members are confident and committed to their recommended course of dental treatment. We are happy to schedule a second-opinion consultation with our Dr. Navid to discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. We strive to provide comprehensive information on the treatment offered and the options available through Petaluma Family Dentistry.

Whether you are referred to our practice from another office, or are self-referred, it is necessary to undergo a complete examination before Dr. Navid can provide a diagnostic opinion. Many offices require up to 14 business days to transfer records, please ensure your chart notes and x-rays from your referring dentist are transferred before your appointment.

It is essential we have all available dental and pertinent medical insurance information at the time of your appointment, as we will be providing you with a comprehensive estimate following your consultation.

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