Children's Dentistry

Establishing a regular dental hygiene routine with your child will set them on a life-long course of proper dental care.

As a parent it's up to you to instill good dental practices -- but you're not alone! Petaluma Family Dentistry is here to help answer your questions and develop a game plan.

We will provide you and your child with the tools necessary for a lifetime of great oral health. Together, we can establish a routine that works with your lifestyle.

Petaluma Family Dentistry will begin establishing a relationship with your child early on. We believe that frequent visits to our office at a young age will minimize fear as your child grows. Our office is a child-friendly environment, and the staff is educated in working with children to minimize anxiety.

Your child's first visits

These initial appointments focus primarily on education and prevention. We will discuss the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and techniques for proper hygiene techniques for young children. An appointment may include the following discussion topics:

Establishing a daily brushing habit, including how to utilize a washcloth to brush the teeth and gums of very young children
Discussing the importance of limiting the consumption of sugary drinks such as juice
How to monitor for any potential hazards such as jaw and bite issues
Educating parents on the issues that arise from thumb sucking and use of pacifiers

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