Oral Cancer Screening

Your Oral Health is Our Top Priority

Oral exams are important in detecting and treating tooth decay and gum disease, but did you know they are also crucial in the early detection of oral cancer?

Petaluma Family Dentistry encourages our patients to receive oral exams at least twice a year, not only to maintain proper oral hygiene – but to detect any unusual changes.

What is oral cancer?

Cancer of the tongue, cheek, roof and floor, gums, and throat are all considered oral cancer. Oral cancer can affect your ability to eat, swallow and even breathe. It can be fatal, so early detection is imperative.

Detecting Oral Cancer

Dr. Nadia Navid, DDS will take the time to discuss your family history, as well as establish an understanding of your smoking and drinking habits, during your appointment. While we check for signs of cancer during our routine oral exams, if you are experiencing difficulty chewing, swallowing or breathing, please alert us.

If you notice any unusual changes in between regular visits, schedule an exam as soon as possible. Oral cancer can be deadly if left untreated – early detection can save your life.

Risk Factors

The most common risk factor for oral cancer is the use of tobacco products, including smoking and chewing tobacco. Other factors that put you at risk include heavy alcohol consumption, age, family history of oral cancer, and certain strains of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV.)


Healthy lifestyle choices are a large factor in oral cancer prevention. You can reduce your odds of developing oral cancer by:

brushing and flossing daily
eliminating tobacco
drinking alcohol in moderation
eating healthy and exercising regularly
getting dental exams at least twice a year.

If you are concerned about unusual oral changes, schedule a comprehensive exam with Petaluma Family Dentistry today.

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