Dental Bridges

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is an appliance used to replace a missing tooth. A bridge consists of a false porcelain tooth, called a pontic, and two abutment crowns that function as anchors by affixing to your natural teeth.

The structure of the bridge is created with a strong metal alloy that can handle the stress of daily wear. Once affixed, the bridge will fill the gap caused by your tooth loss.

A dental bridge is a great solution for a myriad of dental concerns.

Bridges restore your smile.
Improve your ability to speak and eat.
Maintain your face shape.
Fill in spaces left by missing teeth.
Prevent the remaining teeth from shifting.

Dr. Navid will discuss you candidacy for a dental bridge, and help you determine the best course of action for your particular case.

The process of getting your bridge will take a minimum of two appointments. During your initial appointment, the teeth neighboring the gap are shaped to receive the anchor crowns, which allow the bridge to securely fill the empty space. Dr. Nadia Navid takes an impression of your teeth, which she sends to a lab where your bridge is fabricated.

You may be fitted with a temporary bridge until your follow-up appointment, at which time we’ll remove the temporary bridge and check your permanent bridge for proper fit. Once Dr. Navid determines that the bridge is ready, she will bond it in to place.

Bonded Bridges

A bonded bridge may be used to replace a single tooth. Unlike a fixed bridge, a bonded bridge consists solely of a false tooth, and wings. Neighboring teeth are not shaped to receive crowns in this instance – rather, the wings of the false tooth are attached behind the neighboring teeth.

Maintaining Your Dental Bridge

Bridges are highly durable and can last several years with the proper care; however, even normal wear can lead to the need for replacement. Be sure to follow up with us regularly to ensure your appliance is in good shape.

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