Single Visit Crowns (CEREC®)

A tooth needs a crown when the surface area of the decay or break is too large for a filling to be viable.

Traditional crowns take a minimum of two dental visits – but using CEREC® technology, Dr. Navid is able to design, create and place your crown in a single visit.

How does CEREC® work?

The process begins with creating a 3D image of your mouth using an Intra Oral camera, allowing us to create a perfectly customized crown. Petaluma Family Dentistry’s CEREC® software will utilize biogeneric comparisons to determine the shape, size and indentations necessary for proper alignment and function in relation to your natural teeth. With the digital model complete, the milling machine will carve your restorative crown from a ceramic block.
Once the restoration is finalized, Dr. Navid will check the fit and make any necessary adjustments, then secure the crown in to place with resin cement. If you are interested in having a crown made with CEREC® technology, we encourage you to contact us with questions and assistance scheduling an appointment.

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