Dental Technology

At Petaluma Family Dentistry we believe that investing in the latest technology is an investment in our community. We strive to provide our patients with the most cutting-edge and advanced care possible.

Our practice features a high-tech and efficient layout and design, and we consistently install additional technologically advanced equipment for the betterment of the services we offer.

Some of our most commonly used technology include:


Digital radiography has changed the way x-rays are taken for the better. At Petaluma Family Dentistry, with the use of our digital radiography, we are able to benefit greatly in the early identification of:

  • Internal tooth decay
  • cysts and tumors
  • Impacted teeth

With the use of digital radiography, we are able to immediately view high resolution images after exposure, making same-day communication regarding the identification of dental problems possible. It also allows us to take images with 1/5 of the radiation of traditional x-rays, limiting the worry of radiation exposure.

If an image needs to be re-taken, not only is the process more immediate – it is safer. The convenient digital format enables us to send and receive your images electronically, allowing for faster communication between our office and out network of dental professionals.


Through the use of high-tech lasers, we are able to treat gum disease and gum disease related issues with a state-of-the-art dental laser. All of our hygienists are laser-certified and can treat gum disease without having to use traditional scalpels and sutures. Because there is no cutting, our patients experience less chair-time in our office and minimal discomfort.
These lasers allow us to attack the bacteria in the gum pockets directly while leaving the healthy gum tissues in tact. Once the bacteria has been removed, the gum tissues will heal and re-attach themselves to the tooth root.


Using OralID’s fluorescence technology, Dr. Navid is able to identify oral cancer, pre-cancer and other abnormalities. During your dental visit, Dr. Navid will discuss your health history and examine your mouth and throat using OralID and note any suspicious changes that may be an indication of cancerous cells. Regular visits to Petaluma Family Dentistry can improve your chances of early cancer detection, when it can be most easily treated.


Intra-oral cameras are small devices about the size of a toothbrush that are used to provide you with a view of your mouth, as your dentist sees it. Decay, broken fillings, and other dental problems can be viewed so you gain a better understanding of your condition. We can then discuss the best treatment options for you.


Petaluma Family Dentistry uses ultrasonic scaling for our adult dental cleanings. While manual scaling uses pressure to clean teeth, the ultrasonic scaler uses barely perceptible vibrations – making this a more suitable option for our patients with sensitive teeth.

Ultrasonic scaling functions by creating microscopic bubbles that implode and vibrate on the tooth’s surface, killing microbes and removing tartar buildup.

Our instruments use a thin tip that is better able to navigate the gum line, helping to maintain optimal periodontal health. The procedure uses chlorhexadine, an antimicrobial liquid, to remove tartar with no damage to the tooth enamel.